Make the shift to virtual count

Host Virtual Events and Connect With Prospective Students

Boost awareness, engage prospects and drive enrolments with virtual open days.

Engage prospects globally

Use virtual open days to build a deeper relationship with your prospective students.

Showcase content

Deliver content meaningfully through virtual booths and webinars

Engage in conversations

Connect real-time with prospective students, wherever they are

Data-driven insights

Monitor your event and understand visitor behaviour — as it happens

Create an interactive experience

Customise your spaces

Combine a variety of virtual spaces (exhibition hall, auditorium, booths) for a holistic virtual experience

Deliver content meaningfully

Showcase videos, photos and virtual tours in an intuitive and user-friendly manner

Real-time interactions

Connect real-time with students through chat, audio and video — just like a normal open day

Mobile-first design

We practise a mobile-first design philosophy to connect to a mobile native generation

Bring your own webinar

Plug in the webinar solution of your choice right into our platform

Dedicated event manager

Round-the-clock support with onboarding, training and regular status updates

How clients are using our platform

Virtual Open Day

Complement your physical open day. Features include virtual booths, webinars, live chat and interactive quizzes.

Virtual Education Fair

Let prospective students engage with multiple universities and learn more about the programmes offered.

Virtual Orientation

Give new students an avenue to explore your university during orientation week through a series of interactive activities.

Tailored for Higher Education

We are specialists in the education industry and have a deep understanding of the student recruitment funnel. Find out how you can host a successful virtual event with us.

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